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The PHP micro-framework
based on the Symfony Components

Creating a new Project

Via Composer

Composer is the most flexible way to get started with Silex. Create a directory to host your Silex application and run the following command to create a composer.json file:

composer require silex/silex "~2.0"

Then, create a bootstrap file as explained in the documentation.

Via an Archive

The easiest way to get started with Silex is to get an archive with everything included (it contains many optional dependencies):

Download Silex version 2 as a "fat" .zip or .tgz file.

You can also download a minimal setup with just the required dependencies:

Download Silex version 2 as a "slim" .zip or .tgz file.

These archives have been created using Composer to make them easily upgradable and to allow you to add or remove dependencies easily (see below).

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