Application The Silex framework class.
ConstraintValidatorFactory Uses a service container to create constraint validators with dependencies.
Controller A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
ControllerCollection Builds Silex controllers.
ControllerResolver Adds Application as a valid argument for controllers.
ExceptionHandler Defaults exception handler.
ExceptionListenerWrapper Wraps exception listeners.
HttpCache HTTP Cache extension to allow using the run() shortcut.
LazyUrlMatcher Implements a lazy UrlMatcher.
RedirectableUrlMatcher Implements the RedirectableUrlMatcherInterface for Silex.
Route A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
ServiceControllerResolver Enables nameofservice:method_name syntax for declaring controllers.
Translator Translator that gets the current locale from the Silex application.
WebTestCase WebTestCase is the base class for functional tests.


ControllerProviderInterface Interface for controller providers.
ServiceProviderInterface Interface that all Silex service providers must implement.